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This sale is ending in a few hours and I have to be in work soon.

tagged :  #steam  #skyrim
  日曜日 15, 2012.
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tagged :  #steam  #skyrim
  1. etoiles-errantのコメント: they’ll probably have it again on the last day
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    Exactly how I am.
  7. tetakuのコメント: Looks like you’re gonna be late till steam pulls through!
  8. grey-messのコメント: I’d love you 10x more if you actually got this. <3
  9. dream-bled-greenのコメント: The other alternative you could go with is if you have any friends who also use Steam, just have them gift the game to your account and then pay them back so you don’t miss the sale.
  10. kylothのコメント: GREAT! Skyrim is so great! (^-^)
  11. sheikchanzのコメント: I just bought mine for my ps3 since my PC is not running efficiently enough to handle Skyrim…as well as I’d like it to.
  12. eatthanのコメント: If the sale ends before you could buy it, you could always buy it on Amazon for $40! =D
  13. ajhadaのコメント: omg yesterday i purchased Left 4 dead 2 just to learn i could have bought it cheaper later that day -_-“
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    You should have made your own gif. of rage