I am Spark.
Invoke my name--
Artist. Amateur cosplayer. Japanese tutor. Private investigator. Lightning enthusiast.

I used to cosplay Lightning,but everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. 

I used to cosplay Lightning,
but everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. 

  月曜日 20, 2012.
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    My friends!
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    Oh hey, it’s me.
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    Lamb really!??! I wanna go to ani jam next year(forreals this time!) And either go as tifa or Azula^__^
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    NO JOKE! That’s my coworker Stacy as Fire nation Aang!!! :O
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    It was nice seeing you! :D Love this picture XD!
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  17. syrupyjusticeのコメント: Omg these cosplayers are soo good! I’ve just been rewatching Avatar and ergh yes, so good!
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