I am Spark.
Invoke my name--
"She was like the moon, a part of her always hidden away."

Artist. Amateur cosplayer. Japanese tutor. Private investigator. Lightning enthusiast.

Lauren’s a bit of an alchoholi—I mean, chemistry geek. 

#flask #chemistry

Lauren’s a bit of an alchoholi—I mean, chemistry geek.

#flask #chemistry

tagged :  #flask  #chemistry
  月曜日 22, 2013.
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tagged :  #flask  #chemistry
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  7. tungsten-heartのコメント: Is Lauren a chemist? :)
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  15. baonerrのコメント: Ohh! Soratane, do you know where Lauren got that flask? This would be a really nice present to a friend of mine. =)
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  17. singlespellのコメント: I LIKE IT! Alchol, oh chemistry rocks!
  18. bleachitwhiteのコメント: Where can I get one of those?