I am Spark.
Invoke my name--
"She was like the moon, a part of her always hidden away." Artist. Amateur cosplayer. Japanese tutor. Private investigator. Lightning enthusiast.     

I dreamt that I had dyed my hair lavender, of all colours.

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A blog for “brutally sexy sluts” reblogged one of my selcas and at first I laughed, wondered why I was allowed on it, and then—I won’t lie—judged it a bit.

Then I thought, “Why are there blogs devoted to women with Sluts in the URL, and the world doesn’t exactly question it, but”—and I checked—"no one’s made a blog for attractive men with ‘sexy douchebags’ in the title." 

The standards of men and women, people.
Someone needs to make aggressively-sexy-douchebags.

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Best friend: So I'm playing the newest NBA basketball game. I'm Justin Bieber dunking on Bow Wow... I feel like this is the farthest America has fallen.

I’ve never felt this legitimately tired before. Sure, I feel the torture of waking up in the morning after four hours of sleep (on a regular basis), but never do I actually feel tired during the day. In fact my days are fine and then at night I don’t even want to sleep. No matter how much sleep I get /now/ I wake up feeling like I hardly slept; and I’ve been exhausted for two weeks. Body, why now?

This isn’t a complaint, just an observation.

who ran out after us saying, “I don’t usually do this but you’re just so cute—and I don’t know if you have a boyfriend or not but I really wanted to ask for your number.”

My friend Cota was slightly offended because, "That guy was either convinced I had no shot with you myself, or that I was gay."

The employee was so sincere though, the both of us almost wanted to give him my number because we were so won over/felt bad. I told him I had a girlfriend, to which he replied, “Well, A for effort, right?” and hugged me out of “Lesbian respect” because he grew up with two mums.

Being hit on has never been so heartwarming.

After hearing his name it jolted my memory, and I realised I went to high school with him. The funny part is he had a crush on me then, too. I didn’t see a point in mentioning it, though. According to J it could have been true love but I just had to be a selfish lesbian.

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I’m considering purchasing a punching bag.

I’m having tea and scouring the Doccubus tag when I definitely should be getting ready for work.

After archery tomorrow, my best mate and I are going to the gym and he expects me to swim laps with him. I may not have mentioned it before, but I am not fond of Chlorine.

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Why do we say, "Let’s be adults about this," during a quarrel,
assuming adults do things the right way?

Let’s be reasonable and decent people.

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I do enjoy the fact that a few people have been calling me Spark/Sparks.

By controlling our breathing (deep, steady inhales/exhales), we can slow the pulse of the brain. When the brain waves are in the alpha range, we are more in control of our emotions. 

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Random fact: People don’t make you feel anything. It’s your perception of them or their actions that creates the emotions.