I am Spark.
Invoke my name--
"She was like the moon, a part of her always hidden away." Artist. Amateur cosplayer. Japanese tutor. Private investigator. Lightning enthusiast.     

I’m at work and some kid just opened the door right now, awkwardly stood in the doorway and just stared for a minute. I walked over and asked if I could help him and he went, “Yeah, can I have a kiss?”

I declined and walked away and he blew me a kiss before closing the door.

Officially the strangest thing to have happened so far.

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One of the koi fish at work was found dead this morning and the other five have refused to eat all day. My co-worker claims they’re depressed. I wasn’t aware fish had mourning periods.

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Some regulars, a couple, said to my boss that their friends always think I’m cute, and my boss decided it was completely okay to say to them, “They can like her all they want but she’s a lesbian.”

I know he’s had his suspicions but he hasn’t sacked up enough to confirm with me whether or not it’s true. That point aside, it’s not his place to share any of my personal life with his customers.

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My boss has been telling his customers that I’m his daughter recently. Today the guy he said it to replied with, “She’s too cute to be your daughter.”

I laughed pretty hard. My boss teases me with his regulars all the time, so it’s a good day when one of them is on my side.

I’m in the closet at work, so you can imagine my panic when I passed by one of the regular customers at the bar, and he quietly goes, "I know your secret."

I stopped, slightly disturbed, and he continued,
"Jamie showed me your cosplay photos."